Read Richard Pratt, He Gave Us Stories, Part III, chapters 13-16.

Find the link for this PDF file in the "Readings" section of this lesson.

NOTE: We want to thank P&R Publishing Co. for giving us permission to use this book. If you would like to purchase a printed copy of this book or see more of P&R's excellent resources, see their web site at:

Use the "Study Guide, Pratt, He Gave Us Stories" to help assimilate the contents of the reading. This guide is found in the folder of "General Resources to Download for the Course."

When you have finished the reading, take Quiz 3 on Required Reading.

When you have finished all required readings and all the quizzes, take the "Cumulative Test,  Required Reading."

You may review all the quizzes in preparation for the cumulative test as many times as you want, but the official grade will be from the first attempt.

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