Instructions for Lesson 3



You should have already downloaded the "Study Guides" for the course. Use this document for studying the presentations.

The lesson is divided into the following sections:

1) Earlier Blessings
2) Later Curses
3) Ongoing Benefits

Goals and Objectives


In this lesson, we would like to accomplish the following:

1. We hope you will make use of all the resources and activities of the lesson to understand the key content and the practical lessons from the period of the kingship of David as narrated in 2 Samuel 2-24.

2. We hope you will grow in your trust in God and His sovereign plan, maintaining hope in spite of the weaknesses and failures among key leaders of His people.


When you have done the following, it will show that the goals are met:

1. Obtain satisfactory grades on the automatically graded activities of the lesson, demonstrating that you can identify and interpret important events from the period of David's kingship.

2. Answer the application questions in the study guides and complete the questionnaire, expressing your trust in God to fulfill His plan, in spite of the failures among key leaders of His people.


SECTION 1 (Video segments 1-6)

1. Study the first section of the lesson.  

Remember: You can study the lesson by watching the video, listening to the audio, or reading the manuscript.

2. Use Study Guide 3.1 to assimilate the teaching. Use the outline for taking notes, answer the review questions, and answer the application questions.   

A drop box to upload the final document with the answers to all study guides is provided in the last section of the course for students whose institutions will be tracking their completion.

3. Take Quiz 3.1.

SECTION 2 (Video segments 7-11)

1. Study section 2 of the lesson, using Study Guide 3.2. 

2. Take Quiz 3.2.

SECTION 3 (Video segments 12-16)

1. Study section 3 of the lesson, using Study Guide 3.3.

2. Take Quiz 3.3. 


1. Review all the study guides of the lesson, preparing for the test on the whole lesson. 

2. You may want to review the glossary for the lesson and use the learning game to practice identifying the special names and technical terms used in the lesson.

3. Take the Accumulative Test.


1. Complete the supplementary lesson.

2. Complete the questionnaire.

3. Do the required reading assignment #3 and take the quiz on it. Complete the cumulative test on the required reading.


1. Written Project

If you are doing the optional written project, finish it and submit it. 

2. Optional Additional Reading

If you are doing this assignment, finish the reading, complete the reports, and submit the document with the reports.

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