Glossary for Lessons 1-2

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cultural mandate

the command in Genesis 1:28 instructing humanity to develop and rule the creation to display God's glory



the study of the last things



this Greek word is used in places like Matthew 5:22 to identify a place of fiery punishment, torment and destruction

Great Commission

Christ's appointment of the eleven faithful apostles as his authoritative representatives and his charge to spread the kingdom of God throughout the whole world (Matthew 28:19-20)



both moral purity and acceptability in God's presence


inaugurated eschatology

view of the end times that says the age to come has begun (been "inaugurated"), but hasn't yet come in all its fullness; the "already, not yet"

individual eschatology

the study of how individual human beings experience the events of the last days (e.g. - life, death, intermediate state, etc.)


moral ability

the idea that regenerate human beings have the capacity to please God and merit his blessings

moral inability

the idea that that unregenerate human beings have no capacity to please God or merit his blessings



theological term for "the first gospel" or the first promise of redemption found in Genesis 3:15

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