Discussion Forum 2 - Proverbs

This week you will answer one question related to the course reading or video lessons. Choose one from the questions provided, then select "Add a new discussion topic." Be sure to include your name and question number as the title.

1. What is the purpose of Proverbs? Refer specifically to Prov. 1:1-7, but you may draw from other areas of the book.

2. What is the fear of the Lord? What does Proverbs mean when it says this is the "beginning" of wisdom/knowledge? Does this mean we need to live in constant fear of God?

3. Contrast wisdom with foolishness. Among those who lack wisdom, some are referred to as simple, young or foolish. How doe these three terms relate to each other?

4. Describe something that you found difficult to understand or that you would like to discuss further in your commentary reading for this week, and share your thoughts. Ask for insights for others if needed.

After you have answered your question, please give a response to two of the answers given by your classmates.

Answers should be submitted by Thursday with your peer responses submitted by Saturday.

For this course, we expect that students will spend an estimated thirty minutes to one hour to post the initial answer and an estimated 30 minutes to read through and post two reply messages to peers. Forum grading will be based on the following items:

  • Forum posts should be at least 300 words although these are not strict limits.
  • Students must demonstrate comprehension of the material and achievement of the related learning objectives related to that lesson. 
  • Students should demonstrate critical thinking and use outside material researched beyond the assigned readings.
  • Responses should be at least 150 words and should provide substantial academic or professional constructive support to and interaction with other students. Giving students ideas for how to improve their assignment counts.  Just telling the student "good job" with no demonstration that you actually read it and provided a response with "value added" does not count and will result in a zero for the feedback portion of the score.
  • The goal of course forums is to have scholarly dialog among peers combining both the strengths of in-person class discussion and providing concise, professional quality writing (similar to a well thought-out academic or scholarly blog) and responding in a way that adds value to others writings
  • Students are not required to use APA format for references in forum posts, but instead students are encouraged to hyperlink relevant information when possible.
  • Grading rubric:
    • Content Knowledge (35%)
    • Critical Engagement (25%). Note that critical thinking is different from criticism.
    • Approach to Application (15%)
    • Communicating Clearly and Effectively (25%)

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