Mentor Meeting #4

Mentor Meeting #4 

You should be prepared to discuss the following topics:

1) Share something important you learned in last week's spiritual formation exercise.

2) Mention what has stood out to you in the studies of the last two weeks.

3) Do you identify with any of the apologists presented in chapters 5 and 6 of the The Certainty of the Faith? Which one? Why?

5) Have you become more confident to share your faith with unbelievers as a result of the studies of this course?

6) Of the difficult questions studied in this course, have any caused you doubts in the past? Are any of them still giving you trouble? If yes, be honest and talk with the mentor to help resolve your concerns.

7) Of the difficult questions studied in the course, which ones cause doubts in some members of your congregation? How can you help them deal with their doubts?

8) Suppose a friend of yours says he can't be a Christian because the Bible is full of contradictions and errors. Maybe he claims that the gospels give contradictory accounts of events or that he can't believe the stories about miracles, for example. How would you help him believe in the Bible?

9) What has been the teaching of this course that has helped you the most?

10) Can you explain to your mentor the summary of the contents of the book found in the study guide (at the end of the questions in chapters 4 and 11)?