Final Paper

Students will complete one 6-page exegetical research paper during the term investigating either a passage in Job, Proverbs or Ecclesiastes or a topical paper investigating a topic about which wisdom literature speaks (like finances, gossip, laziness, etc). If you want to choose a wisdom passage outside of Job, Proverbs or Ecclesiastes, please check with your instructor before doing your research.

The first half of the paper should be more academic in nature, focusing on the academic exegesis of a passage or exploration of a topic. The second half should be more focused on application, your personal calling and spiritual development in your particular ministry. Here are some sample outlines of papers:

Exegetical Paper: Proverbs 1:1-7

1. Introduction (1/2 page)
    A. Author and Date
    B. Setting and Purpose of Proverbs
2. Original Meaning (3 pages)
     A. Title (v. 1)
     B. Moral and Mental Aspects of Wisdom (vv. 2-3)
     C. Parenthesis (v. 4)
     D. Moral Aspect (v. 5)
     E. Mental Aspect (v. 6)
     F. Theme of Proverbs (v. 7)
3.  Application to Life Today (2 pages)
     A. Personal Life
     B. Ministry Life
4. Conclusion (1/2 page)

Topical Paper: Wise Motives

1. Introduction (1/2 page)
2. Motives in Wisdom Literature (3 pages)
    A. Didactic (Proverbs)
    B. Reflective (Job, Ecclesiastes)
3. Application (2 Pages)
    A. Personal Life
    B. Ministry Life
4. Conclusion (1/2 Page)