Spiritual Formation Exercise 3 - Job 1-2

Spiritual Formation Exercise

This week you will be taking a closer look at Job 1-2. Read through the tragic story of Job's life up until Job begins to speak in the beginning of chapter 3 two times. As you read the chapters, put yourself in the position of Job, as much as you can. Imagine you experience the same kinds of loss that he experienced in this story. After you are done, spend the rest of your time in prayer in the following ways: 1) spend time mourning any of the troubling or painful trials you may be going through right now. 2) Thank God for the blessings you have received from him, since your current situation is probably not as severe as Job's experience in these chapters. 3) Pray for your family and friends as well as members of your church and ministry by name. To the extent that you know their hurts, spend time in prayer for each of them.

Journal Reflection

Now that you have spent time meditating on Job 1-2, spend about 30 minutes reflecting upon their application in your own church. Put these in a Word document and submit it to the assignment Dropbox by the end of the day, Sunday. Consider these topics:

1) What did Job's "counselors" do right in 2:1-13? What role can the combination of both presence and silence play in caring for those who are going through intense suffering?

2) As you know, it's only after Job's "counselors" start to speak that they get themselves in trouble. As you reflect on the story of Job, what kinds of fears might this create in you as you consider reaching out to those who are going through tragedies like Job went through? What kinds of things can you do to avoid making the mistakes of Job's "counselors?"

3) What did reading Job's story bring to your attention in your own life as you read it? Did your time in meditation cause you to feel grateful for the blessings you've received from him or did it bring to light some of your current struggles? Perhaps you had a different reaction?

Journal for thirty minutes. Submit your journal (Word document) to the assignment drop box by the due date.