Spiritual Formation Exercise 2 - Proverbs 9

Spiritual Formation Exercise

This week you will be taking a closer look at Proverbs 9. In your faculty tutorial document on pages 8-9, locate the worksheet on Proverbs 9. The text is in English, but you are free to read the Psalm in another translation if you choose. Fill out the chart with the types of parallelism, coda development, and imagery/literary devices. Finish as much as you can do in 30 minutes. For the next 30 minutes, meditate on Proverbs 9, paying specific attention to the metaphors and other imagery in the chapter.

Journal Reflection

Now that you have spent time studying through Proverbs 9, spend about 30 minutes reflecting upon wisdom's application in your own life. Put these in a Word document and submit it to the assignment Dropbox by the end of the day, Sunday. Consider these topics:

1) How did the imagery and other literary features of Proverbs 9 that you identified enhance your appreciation of the beauty of the poem?

2) How does this proverb encourage you to listen closely to "wisdom's rebuke," even if the rebuke is difficult to hear?

3) What are some of the ways in which you've experienced ways in which Folly (or the Foolish Woman) attempts to trick people into thinking that her path is more desirable than the way or wisdom?

4) What are the benefits of Wisdom that Folly simply can't provide?

Journal for thirty minutes. Submit your journal (Word document) to the assignment drop box by the due date.