Spiritual Formation Exercise 1 - Psalm 1

Spiritual Formation Exercise

Set aside one hour this week for the sole purpose of memorizing Psalm 1. After you have spent the hour in concerted effort towards this task, recite as much (or as little) as you have memorized to your mentor. If you find that you can memorize the entire Psalm in less than the allotted time, spend the remainder of your hour in meditating on the Psalm.

Journal Reflection

Psalm 1 was chosen because it's a good example of Biblical poetry, and it is also an example of wisdom literature that is not in Job, Proverbs or Ecclesiastes. Once you have set this passage to memory, spend about 30 minutes journaling through these issues:

1) How does memorizing this passage differ from analyzing it during a Bible study? How does this different interaction bring different fruit?

2) What are some of the ways the Spirit used this passage to speak to you as you set about to memorize it?

3) What are some personal scenarios in which it will be helpful to have this passage committed to memory? 

4) What are the wisdom themes that you can detect in this Psalm?

Journal for thirty minutes. Submit your journal (Word document) to the assignment drop box by the due date.