This workbook teaches the basics of New Testament Greek, and shows how to use it for exegesis. Instead of memorizing hundreds of verb forms and a long list of vocabulary, it teaches how to use the tools and gives enough basic information to get started. Instead of learning Greek by itself, it teaches the steps of exegesis, one at a time, and follows each step with the Greek that is needed to do it. No other study guide is needed. There are exercises for each lesson, and an answer guide at the back of the book.

We recommend studying the book with a pastor or mentor, and in groups if possible.

We recommend that the mentor measure the student's progress by evaluating his finished exegesis project. An exam on the Greek covered in the book is also available by contacting Third Millennium Ministries:

See the link to purchase the book.

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"I do not know too many serious students of the Bible who do not wish, at one time or another, that they were proficient at Greek (or more proficient at Greek). But few of us have had time or opportunity to study the language in a formal, academic setting. Basic Greek and Exegesis a newly-published attempt to increase the accessibility of the Greek language. ...Because some meaning is always and inevitably lost in translation, exegesis can best be done by looking to and understanding the original language. This book attempts to span the gap between the desire to do serious exegesis and the necessity of having some knowledge of the Greek language.
The author:

Dr. Richard Ramsay is a missionary with Mission to the World. After 21 years in Chile teaching and planting churches, he and his Chilean wife Angelica moved to Miami to work internationally in distance education. They have two grown children. They travel to teach overseas, and develop resources for theological education. Richard is currently the writer and designer of online programmed courses for Third Millennium Ministries. He obtained a D.Min. from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, and has published several books, including The Certainty of the Faith and Am I Good Enough?


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