This book teaches the basic principles of personal evangelism, focusing on the biblical content. No separate study guide is needed, since it includes its own study guide in one of the appendices.

We recommend studying the book with a pastor or mentor, and in groups if possible.

We recommend that the mentor evaluate the student according to the percentage of the study guide properly completed, and that he also evaluate a practice presentation of the gospel.

See the links to purchase the book and the study guide.

Review on

"As a pastor, I can say this is the very best book written on the content of evangelism. So many have diluted the gospel to the point it is an "ungospel" that does not save. Metzger has thoughtfully, patiently, and lovingly provided the understanding, clarity, and tools from which the thoughtful Christian can craft his or her own 'gospel' presentation. This is a meaty, yet accessible work that is a must read for all." - Keith D. Crosby

The author:
Metzger has been a campus minister at the University of Delaware since 1965, where he serves with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and Christian InterAction (a church and campus connection). His evangelism ministry has taken him to every continent, and he has witnessed to people from varied nationalities both on campus and through a church that he pastored. (
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