This book teaches the basic doctrines of salvation in a clear and simple way. The student looks up Bible passages and answers questions dealing with sin and its consequences, the work of Christ, saving faith, justification, sanctification, and the relation between faith and good works. The emphasis is on grace.

The booklet has been used in many countries and many denominations to evangelize non believers and to disciple new Christians. It has been especially fruitful in Cuba, where thousands of home groups use it. Since it is simple enough for a new person to use with others, new groups can easily be formed and multiply.

It needs no separate study guide. There are review questions at the end of each lesson, and answers at the back.

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The author:

Dr. Richard Ramsay is a missionary with Mission to the World. After 21 years in Chile teaching and planting churches, he and his Chilean wife Angelica moved to Miami to work internationally in distance education. They have two grown children. They travel to teach overseas, and develop resources for theological education. Richard is currently the writer and designer of online programmed courses for Third Millennium Ministries. He obtained a D.Min. from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, and has published several books, including The Certainty of the Faith and Basic Greek and Exegesis.
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