Glossary for Lessons 1-3

Glossary of terms and names from lessons 1-3.
استعراض قاموس المصطلحات باستعمال الفهرس

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View of eschatology that believes Jesus will return to establish the eternal kingdom after reigning from heaven. This reign from heaven is the "millennium," not literally a thousand years, but the period between the first and second coming of Christ. During this period, Christians will continue to suffer tribulation, but the Church will grow and experience blessings.


A kind of biblical literature that is symbolic, gives divine revelation, is usually revealed privately, and deals with interactions among natural, preternatural and supernatural realities



The "anointed one"


The visible manifestation of the kingdom of God today


Name used in the lesson to refer to a kind of fulfillment of prophecy that occurs when the outcome of the prophecy is somehow modified in light of the way human beings respond to the prophecy


While the word itself only appears once in the Book of Revelation, the concept shapes the whole book.



Roman emperor who persecuted Christians outside of Rome more extensively than any other emperor had done before. He required his people to worship him, and executed his own cousin because he was a Christian.



The church from Asia Minor that has lost their "first love"


In theology, it is the study of the last things



View of how the prophecies of the Book of Revelation are fulfilled. It considers that the visions of Revelation won't begin to be fulfilled until the final crisis immediately before the second coming of Christ.

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